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“Sunny Acres” – Canvas Print/Museum gallery wrap/Black edges/Ready to hang

from $164.00


“Sunny Acres” – Canvas Print/Museum gallery wrap/Black edges/Ready to hang

from $164.00

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Born and raised on the western slopes of the Colorado Rockies, Randall J. Henrie has long been influenced by dramatic forms, bright colors and, appreciation for simple, bold shapes. Randall studied art and architecture at the University of New Mexico and has 25 years of fruitful, creative career under his belt. His work experiences, with a rich background in conceptualization has given him a deep appreciation for pattern, form relationships, color, and geometry, and how these can be used to create on image with meaning. In his words:

“I love exploring how a shape or a series of shapes can organize and support each other, and give context and meaning. I think a lot of what we perceive in our world works this way. For example, the mountain and the valley are not individually definable without each other. The sky and the horizon must create a boundary for each other, for either to be perceived as a definable thing. I am often intrigued how the eye and brain might interpret things, how a circle might become part of a human form, or how one straight line might be part of a barn, a field, a flower, and the sky. I like exploring this concept and these themes run through much of my work.”

For Randall, inspiration is drawn from the challenge of finding creative solutions to suit our ever evolving world. He believes art should be accessible for everybody and is inspired to create works with an easily understood and universal appeal. Art to celebrate life, and enhance the daily lives of people.

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