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Long Earrings by BellyPork

from $9.00

Long Bicycle Inspired Earrings - Bikes&Humans Cooperative

Long Earrings by BellyPork

from $9.00

Product Description

Bellypork (Spanish brand) was created in 2010 by Ana Huerta, inspired with her own style. Born in a family where sewing and crafting have always been present, she learned her craft from her mother and grandmother. Ana thinks that jewelry should always show the soul of the person wearing it. For those having a passion, it is a pleasure to wear jewelry inspired with that passion, and for us bike lovers, wearing cycling inspired jewelry is a great joy.

Earrings are made of sterling silver and zamak beads.

Buy the earrings with your credit card through Bikes&Humans or send the payment via paypal directly to the crafter (3% OFF):

Some material possessions make us happier than others #sweatshopfree #ecofriendly
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