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Bracelet “Bici” by Labcorsosangottardo3

from $25.00

Bicycle Bracelet made in Italy - Bikes&Humans Cooperative

Bracelet “Bici” by Labcorsosangottardo3

from $25.00


Product Description

Labcorsosangottardo3 is an artistic laboratory  in S. Gottardo in Milan, a space with abundance of delicious coffee and lively chatter. Our openings are titled “tarallucci and wine”. The products are displayed along with tools they were made with and crafters are always available to do repairs or customization. The connection between crafters and customers is intimate and long lasting.

All of our products are sold with a statement on our ethical values: ” In addition to the satisfaction of having bought this item made by hand in Italy, you have also purchased a product made by crafters whose human rights were fully respected in the process.” We are proud of our hand crafted goods and we think it’s fair to explain to our clients the difference between a product made by hand in an ethical process and products that are made industrially by the “slaves” of our time. We continuously educate our customers that buying a cheaper product sold by a corporation often means supporting a sweatshop.

The bracelet is made of silver, yellow bronze & pink bronze. Contact the crafter directly for a shipping quote.

Buy the bracelet with your credit card through Bikes&Humans or send the payment via paypal directly to the crafter (3% OFF):

Some material possessions make us happier than others #sweatshopfree #ecofriendly
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