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Buca Boot – Bike Trunk

from $240.00

Boca Boot - Bike Trunk - Bikes&Humans Cooperative

Buca Boot – Bike Trunk

from $240.00

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Product Description

The Buca Boot is as functional as it is beautiful. Easy to install yet difficult to steal. Built to last and gorgeous to behold. Every detail is designed for durability. Attaching it is so easy that it only takes a couple of minutes. Installation is a breeze. Just slip the brackets onto your existing bike rack and attach the screws. It’s really that easy. Open it to carry big stuff, like a 30-rack of beer or a bag of groceries. Close it and Buca Boot feels nice & compact, while still leaving plenty of room for your saddle. The gasketed lid keeps your stuff safe & dry. The unique hinge mechanism securely locks the lid to keep your stuff safe from theft. So you can stop worrying and just go!Buca Boot comes in three colors, each with its own pannier bags & reflective racing stripes. Pick the perfect one for you.

The Buca Boot is easy to keep clean. For simple dirt (on either the plastic, wood or fabric sides), simply wash with water and a mild soap or detergent (like a dish detergent). The side pannier bags are also removable when they need a deeper clean. For tougher scuffs on the plastic, we like using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponges or some Soft Scrub.

Installation is super easy — all you need is a rack on your bike and a Phillips Head screwdriver in your hand.

The weight limit of the Buca Boot is really determined by what your rack can handle (so check those restrictions) but we don’t recommend more than 25-30lbs.

The patent-pending locking mechanism secures both the front and back sides of the lids when closed and locked. The base and lid of the Buca Boot are solid yet lightweight plastic and the boot screws into the mounting brackets from the inside, so when closed and locked, there are no detachment points.

Your rack itself may be the weak point on the bike. For added security, we recommend replacing the screws that attach your rack to the bike with security screws, such as these. The m5 size should fit most bikes but you should check to make sure your bicycle doesn’t use a non-standard size. Bicycle Bolts stocks a variety of sizes.

It’s waterproof. Yes…we’ve even tested it in a hurricane.The Buca Boot can withstand all types of rain and snowstorms. When closed and locked, the central gaskets create a seal along the middle of the lid to keep out water. And, there is a special drainage system that allows water on top to flow out along the outside of the boot to keep everything inside safe and dry.

The Buca Boot comes with two keys. We hope you’ll keep one in a safe place but in the event that both go missing, make sure to register your keys as soon as you get the boot and we’ll be able to send you a replacement set.

The plastic components of the Buca Boot are a shock-resistant ABS plastic, the pannier side bags are a rip-stop nylon canvas and the wood inserts are marine-grade plywood stained and sealed four times.

The only racks we haven’t been able to fit are racks comprised of solid material from side to side such as these OR those that angle up steeply at the non-seat end such as this.

Our official return policy is 30 days (minus shipping costs) with a 12 months long warranty.

Shipping included in the price for the U.S. based customers only. For peoples from other parts of the world please send us an inquiry with your address and we’ll get you the shipping quote.

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