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Bicycle Taxidermy – Home decor

from $99.00

Bikes&Humans Cooperative- Handmade Bicycle taxidermy

Bicycle Taxidermy – Home decor

from $99.00

Product Description

Since 2013, The Iron Roots has been building creative and unique products to bring style and function to the home. Phillip Stone, founded The Iron Roots with the mission to provide honest, hand-crafted products to its customers. By partnering with Bikes&Humans, we are helping the world enjoy creative products built by respected workers. Thank you so much for supporting our handmade dreams for a handmade world!

Nature and bicycle lovers combine with this Bicycle Taxidermy. Designed after the head of a Texas longhorn, this piece of art is hand-crafted in Georgia using pure pine, a leather bicycle seat, and bull style road handlebars. The taxidermy is 16 inches wide and 12 inches tall with a 1/2 inch pine plaque. Just one finishing nail or wall adhesive strip is needed to hang the Bicycle Taxidermy to the wall.

Buy the taxidermy with your credit card through Bikes&Humans or send the payment via paypal directly to the crafter (3% OFF):

Bikes&Humans Cooperative- Handmade Bicycle taxidermyBikes&Humans Cooperative - Handmade Bicycle TaxidermyBikes&Humans Cooperative - Handmade Bicycle Taxidermy

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