At Bikes&Humans, we take pride in selling sweatshop-free and eco-friendly products used for alternative transportation. What does that mean? It means that we communicate our principles with all of the suppliers we work with and making sure their manufacturing processes are in line with these principles. Our suppliers are mostly based in the U.S. and China. We also work to empower independent crafters worldwide who sell their handmade goods on our website free of charge and to your delight.

Our focus is on affordable cruisers for beginners and casual cyclists, bamboo bikes and, electric bikes.

Single-speed cruisers with pedal brakes are lighter, require less maintenance and are easier to keep clean. The most affordable cruiser delivers to your door for $213. Our profit margins are lowered in order to offer these bikes and the joy of riding to almost anyone.

Bamboo is an easy sell. It’s lighter than aluminum, stronger than steal and unlike carbon, it naturally dampens vibration. Trees are always killed when harvested, that’s not the case with bamboo. Every frame is unique and bicycles are beautifully designed. The frame will last for a lifetime. Learn more about our bamboo bikes here.

Electric bikes are a fantastic option for cities that are uber car-centric or for longer distances when you just don’t want to break a sweat. Unfortunately, e-bikes are mostly not affordable. That’s why we wanted to focus on the low cost models, without compromising on quality. There is a satisfaction guarantee for every bike and life time warranty for frames.

Our apparel is designed by artists worldwide and manufactured in China. All apparel is made of COOLMAX, a high performance fabric made of patented DuPont Dacron fiber. This fabric has supreme moisture absorption and heat resistance features, it’s super breathable, smooth and light weight. Moreover, it doesn’t fade, it doesn’t wrinkle and it doesn’t shrink. Every piece we make is inspired with progressive, playful, aware, powerful humans Bikes&Humans serves.

Handmade cycling inspired art is a creation of our crafters all over the world. Bikes&Humans charges no fees for our artists to sell their pieces on our website. In fact, we take a lot of pride in providing a platform to connect them with you.

What’s so special about our “Machinery” electric scooters? Firstly, price and quality. Starting at $349 with shipping included and tax free, it’s really hard to beat our price. Secondly, if you take a look at reviews you’ll see that the most common problems with scooters are breaking, scratching and slipping. Not with “Machinery” scooters. On top of that, you get a one year guarantee and lifelong support from our engineers. Oh and yes, our scooters don’t explode.

Our Monkey Bar racks come with a satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty. We’re so proud to include them in our offer. These racks are here to stay.

Bikes&Humans carries a variety of cycling friendly bags. Messenger bags are made of water repellent oxford nylon with zipper pockets and velcro straps with adjustable buckles. Bike trunk is truly a cutting edge design storage box. Patented and made in the U.S. Po Campo bags fit either your rack or handlebars, waterproof, visible at night and, beautiful.

We also carry Brunton solar chargers, refurbished Garmin watches, RearViz bike mirrors and Tifosi sunglasses. These are some of the best brands in the industry with well established quality standards. At Bikes&Humans we work hard to offer these products with major discounts.

If you have any further questions about our products, just shoot us an email! We are here for you.