1. Are these genuine products? Prices are significantly lower in comparison to other cycling apparel sellers.

Design of our apparel is inspired with big brands in the cycling industry but it’s produced and supplied using completely different models. That being said, we’re a store that mostly sells products for the “99%” of cyclists without compromising on quality. Also, all of our stuff is sweatshop-free and eco-friendly. Apparel is made of high performance fabric made of patented DuPont Dacron fiber. This fabric has supreme moisture absorption and heat resistance features, it’s super breathable, smooth and light weight. Moreover, it doesn’t fade, it doesn’t wrinkle and it doesn’t shrink. You can have your cake and eat it too:)

2. How come your store is tax free?

We’re currently an online business only, meaning – we work with different suppliers and manufacturers worldwide and don’t have our own storage facilities. Online companies registered in the state of New York that don’t have a physical presence are not required to pay sales tax.

3. Do I need to ride a bike to see if it’s a right fit?

Not necessarily. Special bike fitting is usually required for professional cyclists rather than urban commuters. All of our bikes are fully adjustable. Once your bike is delivered all you need to do is adjust the seat height and handlebar. When buying our bamboo bikes, you can even choose a frame that fits your height.

4. When can I expect my stuff to be delivered?

Given that we work with multiple suppliers worldwide, we don’t have control over carriers they choose to work with. Our policy is to work with suppliers who give us the lowest prices for the best quality so we don’t mind longer shipping times, if you can get a more affordable product.

5. How come you have such low prices for electric bikes? Should I expect lower quality, as well?

We’re fortunate to work with some of the best e-bike manufacturers out there. The price is no miracle. SLA batteries are always less pricey than lithium batteries and 250-300 watts motors are generally less expensive because they can’t stand a lot of weight and are typically working best for moderate hilly rides. Also, carbon frames are always more expensive than aluminum or steel. Our manufacturer focuses on low cost e-bikes that serve urban commuters who want to sweat less and travel further. Each e-bike has prime quality components. You can read our guide on buying an electric bicycle here, a guide you can actually understand 🙂

6. Are bikes delivered assembled?

Bikes are already assembled, basically, the front wheel would need to be installed which is easily done with a quick release axle and the seat installed. You DO NOT need any technical expertise to assemble the bike. You will need some basic tools, however.

7. Why do you sell electric scooter boards, aren’t they dangerous?

We were pondering this one quite a bit. Our manufacturer provided significant proof and convinced us their boards are made following the highest safety protocols. We have written about this more in depth here, on how your balancing electric scooter will not explode 🙂

8. Is shipping included in the price worldwide?

Yes and No. For all of our products shipping is included in the price for the continental U.S. only. Our apparel and electric scooter boards ship worldwide with no additional shipping cost. For e-bikes, most bike racks and bicycle art you’ll need to send us a shipping quote inquiry if you don’t live in the lower 48 U.S. states. We have different shipping options for all of our products so the best thing would be to carefully read the product description.

9. Do you accept returns? How long is your product warranty?

Generally, we do accept returns. Again, because we work with multiple suppliers, warranty and returns policies vary greatly. The best thing would be to carefully read the product description.

10. How do you determine if your products are sweatshop-free and eco-friendly?

We communicate this requirement with our potential suppliers and we make sure they educate us on their manufacturing and trade processes. We also visit some of the factories and warehouses in person.

11. Is my credit card information safe with you?

Absolutely. Bikes&Humans Co-Op uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL means that your online experience is encrypted and safe from hackers while you are shopping online. We also work with Authorize.Net to process your credit card payments so all transactions are being processed according to the highest security standards.