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Q&A w Casey Ashenhurst of WE Bike NYC

Casey is a rather busy NY human. She works with Stack Overflow, online community for programmers, as an Inclusion and Engagement Manager, and serves as a Director of WE Bike NYC, a community of women who ride bikes. WE (Women’s Empowerment) Bike NYC organizes all sorts of awesome meetups, workshops, social rides, training rides, and […]

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Q&A w Michael Bluejay – Our favorite advocate for safe cycling

Michael Bluejay is a writer, piano and guitar player, activist, language learner and a cyclists. Former marathon runner and a Burner. The reason I reached out to him to do this Q&A is primarily because he is an amazing, authentic human being. He runs numerous websites with millions of views. Getting to the first page […]

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Q&A w Josh Hadar – Creator of the most beautiful bicycles in the world

Simply put, Josh Hadar of Hadar Metal Design is a powerful creator with a great sense of humor. His hand-made bicycles are artistic expressions that so irresistibly smell like New York; eclectic, sexy, inspiring, liberating, progressive yet traditional, minimalistic yet rich, sustainable yet exciting. They have attitude and they have substance. Definitely overwhelming. Whether he […]

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