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Q&A w Chevy Solo – Adventurer & Globetrotter

Yakyza Solo - Bikes&Humans Cooperative

Sievituo Chevy a.k.a Yakuza Solo is travelling the world on a bamboo bike he made himself. His mission is to spread the word of Nagaland and human kindness. Nagaland is one of the smallest states in India (Kohima is the capital), somewhere between Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Nagaland abounds in falcons and bamboo. Christian missionaries […]

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Q&A w Selene Yeager – The Iron Lady of Cycling

Selene Yeager - Bikes&Humans Co-Op

If you haven’t heard of Selene yet, it was about time. She has written and co-authored more than two dozen books, is a frequent contributor to Runner’s World, Women’s Health, and Shape magazines, and dishes out training advice monthly as Bicycling magazine’s “FitChick.” Her book, “The Bicycling Big Book of Cycling for Women: Everything You […]

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