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What is sexy?

Recently, I’ve read a book about Annie Londonderry, the first woman who cycled the globe in the 1894. Yeah, that was like two centuries ago. American cities were covered in horse shit, in fact, “one New York prognosticator of the 1890s concluded that by 1930 the horse droppings would rise to Manhattan’s third-story windows”. Coca-Cola […]

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Message from Rodney on how cycling helped him lose 70lbs

We find Rodney’s story truly inspiring. He had written this note for all of you who might need some encouragement and with zero editing on our part. Thank you, Rodney, you are a great human. In 2012, I was not happy with my current weight, appearance or health issues. I was at my heaviest weight of […]

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My beater: A love story about a bicycle

“The first bike I had,” he says, “I couldn’t not ride it!…I cycled off down the highway in high tops and swim trunks and I thought I was in the world! I had this sudden freedom …and convenience. It’s a time machine! I didn’t have a car but I could get anywhere on a bike.”

“25 or 65 or 15,” he says, “I have a friend whose 85 and he rides quite a bit. You can be outside of time when you ride a bicycle.”

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