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Beakor cycling technology

We were just pitched on Instagram to check out these guys. Awesome! BEAKOR is a highly technological device that can be mounted on any bicycle, that provides a set of features never designed or combined before: Powerful Lightning & HD Video Systems, Smartphone’s Connectivity and Social Networks Integration. We’re mostly excited about enhanced safety and the possibility of sharing […]

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In the market for a new bike? Here’s what to look for!

August may seem like an odd time to welcome a new bike into your family, but it’s actually the beginning of the “end of the season” (don’t worry! WE ride all year round!). If you are looking to buy new, August is when you will see current year models go on sale so that shops […]

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CycleChic Manifesto

CycleChic - Bikes&Humans Cooperative

Loving this manifesto so much! – I choose to cycle chic and, at every opportunity, I will choose Style over Speed. – I embrace my responsibility to contribute visually to a more aesthetically pleasing urban landscape. – I am aware that my mere prescence in said urban landscape will inspire others without me being labelled […]

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