Everybody knows that bamboo is perhaps the most environmentally sound and socially responsible natural material on the planet, and it’s perfect for bikes. The problem has been that bamboo bikes cost thousands of dollars, putting them well out of reach of most consumers. Not anymore. Greenstar bamboo bikes combine performance with environmental responsibility to deliver a fully functional work of art that actually costs less than most aluminum bikes of its kind.


Why Bamboo?


Strong as steel, lighter than aluminum, stiff like carbon yet more reliable, and naturally dampens vibrations.


No pesticides, no herbicides, no fertilizers. Ultra-fast growing and never killed when harvested (unlike trees).

Low barriers to entry make this the perfect cash crop for emerging economies and small family farms.


Yes it is. Extremely.The deep wood grains produce an iridescent effect. Like snowflakes, no two bikes are alike.


Greenstar Bikes team started research and development in the fall of 2010. They’ve spent the next three months putting this frame through every type of fatigue and stress test you can imagine. From there they focused on lowering costs through new mass production processes, new paint application techniques, and component matching to keep quality up and prices down. That led to the full production and introduction of the EcoForce 1 and EcoCross affordable bamboo bikes. Partnership between Greenstar and Bikes&Humans, to bring these babies to our beloved cyclists, was perfectly natural. We’re about doing business that respects the Earth and human beings and, brings high quality cycling products for the “99%” of cyclists.