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Urban bike commuting is a lifestyle adopted by an ever growing number of conscious, progressive humans. Bikes&Humans is the ultimate bike hub dedicated to making bike commuting mainstream, easy and, sexy. From getting a beginner bike or a bike that will last for a lifetime, intelligently designed bags and panniers, unique apparel created by artists worldwide, handmade cycling inspired art, to choosing bicycle insurance, getting an advice from a specialized lawyer, protecting your bike from theft, reading about exciting innovations and humans from the industry and, creating your own content – we got you covered.

Bikes&Humans Supporters
Erik Martin - One of The World's 100 Most Influential People, according to Time Magazine, NY

I grew up in a pretty rural area and didn’t do much bike riding. Now
in NYC, I’ve become a recent convert to the world of urban biking.
It’s incredibly useful and reassuring to have Bikes & Humans guide me
through the vast sea of options and choices. With them, I always know
I’m getting a high quality & ethically-sourced product, and getting
the community and support to help me along the way.

Larry Berger - VP at Enterprise Vision Technologies, LA

Bikes&Humans is simply a brilliant idea. Living in LA, I’ve never
even considered cycling. Kate and I had a long talk after which I
decided to give electric bikes a try. Game changer! It’s basically
like living in a different city. Also, Bikes&Humans has a different
way of doing business; you get a bike and you become a part of
something awesome.

Sumeet Shah - Senior Associate at Brand Foundry Ventures, NY

The cycling community is a strong one, and it always needs the right
online presence on finding the best and right products. I want to feel
comfortable with the process, and Bikes & Humans does just that!

Maria Boustead - Founder of PoCampo, NYC

Bikes & Humans is grounded in the belief that having more people biking for transportation will make the world a better place – which is something I agree with. Kate has built a real resource for urban cyclists that brings together a unique assortment of goods and a wealth of information to make it easier for more people to bike more often.

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Q&A w Chevy Solo – Adventurer & Globetrotter

Yakyza Solo - Bikes&Humans Cooperative

Sievituo Chevy a.k.a Yakuza Solo is travelling the world on a bamboo bike he made himself. His mission is to spread the word of Nagaland and human kindness. Reading this you went – NagaWhat?? That’s a legit question. It’s one of the smallest states in India (Kohima is the capital), somewhere between Bhutan, Bangladesh and […]

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Beakor cycling technology

We were just pitched on Instagram to check out these guys. Awesome! BEAKOR is a highly technological device that can be mounted on any bicycle, that provides a set of features never designed or combined before: Powerful Lightning & HD Video Systems, Smartphone’s Connectivity and Social Networks Integration. We’re mostly excited about enhanced safety and the possibility of sharing […]

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Which RearViz should I get?

Model Armband Size Medical ID Tag UV Resistant Convex Mirror Plastic Material Compatible with Uni Mount Classic Short and Long Yes 5 Years Yes Flexible Yes Sports ST-35 One size fits all – 2 Years Yes Flexible Yes Slim Line SL-15 One size fits all – – Yes Non-Flexible Yes

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